Best Teeth Whitening in Key West

Why Get Your Teeth Whitened?

Your big day is just around the corner. You have everything already set up: venue, beautiful wedding gown, caterer, photographer. It’s time to take a moment for you! Your wedding day will be your most photographed day of your life…is your smile ready for that kind of attention?

85% of people say a smile is the first thing they notice about another person. On your wedding day, that is doubly true! It’s such an important feature and so simple to improve. Get your teeth white in minutes at Studio Marie-Pierre, the best hair salon in Key West. We provide the best teeth whitening in Key West. If you are interested in scheduling your teeth whitening session, please contact our team today!


Don’t you have to be a dentist to whiten teeth?

No, the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved the use of peroxide for over-the-counter use. Our customers perform the teeth whitening (sometimes called teeth bleaching) procedure on themselves. Since our products are all self-administered, either by the chair-side method or by our take home products, it is no different procedurally from what they can perform on their own. We are there to guide them and verbally assist them during the chair-side procedure, but we never touch their mouths or teeth, we never give dental advice, and we never represent ourselves as dentists. We do recommend that our customers visit their dentist regularly and if they do not, we will advise them not to whiten their teeth until they have done so.

What will I experience during this procedure?

You may feel a slight tingling, bubbling or effervescence against your teeth for the first few minutes. This is normal and is the sign that the gel is producing the oxygen that does the work of bleaching.

How long will my teeth stay white?

One to two years is possible and depends greatly on the client’s lifestyle and habits. If one drinks a lot of coffee, tea, dark soda, or red wine, or especially if one smokes, the results will not last as long. These individuals may have to repeat the process more often.

What does the process entail?

We use a chair-side light-accelerated power bleaching system. This method uses our proprietary photosensitive hydrogen peroxide gel, our signature paint-on technique and our Infinity Series Accelerator Lights. Results are impressive!  A 15-20 minute treatment yields an improvement of between 2-4 shades, and a double (back to back) typically yields a 5-8 shade improvement. The more treatments a person does over the course of six months to a year, the whiter the teeth may get and remain white and bright.

  • 1 session (15 to 20min) $125
  • 2 sessions back to back $225

If you have additional questions about the best teeth whitening in Key West offered by Studio Marie-Pierre, we would love to assist you. Please contact us right away! We are proud to be your favorite hair salon in Key West.