Today Is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Randomly be kind to a stranger and make their day.  Anything will do and it sure doesn’t have to cost any money or a lot anyway. And no, Hallmark doesn’t have to be involved either. The goal of the one-day focus is to encourage people to engage in acts of kindness all the time.

Here’s my list of Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Bake something delicious and drop it of at the nearest shelter or retirement home.
  2. Feed someone else’s meter.
  3. You and a stranger are about to pull up  in the same parking spot. Let them have it. What the heck.
  4. Buy a lottery ticket for a stranger.
  5. Give a compliment to someone. How many times have you seen someone wearing a cute dress or a pair of earrings you loved and you don’t say anything.  And just and wish they were yours.  Tell them.  If they’re wearing ugly clothing compliment their hair or teeth.  That works too.
  6. Recommend a competitor to a potential client. (this particular act of kindness takes a very special person to do it)
  7. At your Kids school? Tell the teachers how much you appreciate all they do.
  8. Give your significant other a head massage. Be warned this could lead to something more serious.
  9. Hug someone.
  10. And my favorite… Give someone your biggest and brightest smile.

Happy Random Acts of Kindness day.  And from me, over here behind this computer to you, here’s my most cheerful smile. You look nice btw. 🙂

Wanna share another idea?  Leave it here and inspire someone else.

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