In order to avoid saggy boobs, one must protect them at all time…

O.K. …. I assume after that first sentence, it’s just us girls here now, so I can be frank.

I realized there’s no scientific evidence to that. Whatsoever. On the contrary some people believe wearing a bra all time may reduce the ligament strength.  Really?  I worry about gravity. I hate to take my bra off. Just my neurosis.

Apparently some people feel differently…

I was talking with Tracey (a local client who’s name has been slightly altered) about my daughter Serena’s obsession with boobs. Or to be more specific her fascination with bra. The child cannot wait for her time to come, and parade in my brassieres as often as she can. She’s even tried them as a hat. Cute.  Not. Well depends who looking. :biggrin:

Tracey: “she’ll get over it when she has to wear one daily. GUARANTEED. That’s the first thing that goes as soon as I get home!” Weeeeeeee!

Me astounded: ” REALLY??? I never take mine off.  I sleep with a bra.  Even If I’m walking around in my birthday suit I hold them.  You bet.  These girls never go without support. NEVER.

So lovelies, do you support the girls at all time? Take the poll.

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