Happy Holidays! A season filled with delicious treats, bright lights, festive music, special gifts for loved ones, and more parties than we can even hope to attend. As you’re choosing your party dress, your makeup, and your accessories, it’s important to remember that your hair can be one of the main attractions of your ensemble too!

If you’re looking for a simple yet charming holiday hairstyle to accentuate your look, there are so many great ideas in my collection and from other beauty bloggers online. Here are some great hairstyle examples that would be perfect for your holiday look!

Simple but sophisticated

Updos are great fun during the holidays! From simple little black dresses, to more glamorous attire updos can be chosen and adapted to your own specific styles.  These are some of my favorites that I recently created.


Off to the side swept hair and a pretty hair accessory. Perfect with a backless dress.

holiday hairstyle

A low side textured updo with curls and a beautiful sparky accessory to bring in the holiday look.

Long Loose Waves

Showing off your beautiful hair with long curls or waves either gathered or mostly down is a great idea and also very popular.  This is a great opportunity to let your hairstyle be the star of your ensemble. You can even add a pretty accessory like some of these ladies did.





Braided updos

braided updo’s are all the rage. Weather your hair is up or down or partially up off to the side, braids are so fun to incorporate and so in.







Your Holiday Hairstyle and Accessories

What are you wearing to your holiday party this year? Which of these hairstyles seem to go best with your outfit of choice? I’d love to see pictures from your holiday festivities!

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