Your big day is coming faster than you can believe it! As you enter the last week, it’s crunch time no need to stress, just a few things you should do and not do the week before your wedding.

3 things you should not do the week before your wedding

As you prepare for your upcoming nuptials, take special care to avoid the following:

Getting a new haircut

In the weeks and months before your wedding, there is plenty of time to try out new things like cutting those bangs you’ve always wanted to try or adding those layers you’ve never had. The best choice is to stick with your usual look for your wedding day. This way you’ll be stress-free in case that hairstyle turns out to not be your ideal look. Also, your hair stylist will be better able to create a wedding day look that makes you happy if the hair she’s working with is a style you already love.

Going out on the beach to get a tan

3 things you should do the week before your wedding

When your first arrive in Key West, we know the temptation to lie out on the beach will be great, but it’s best to wait until after the big day. The makeup never looks optimal on burnt and/or red skin. If you still want that great tan base, take advantage of our fab spray tan a few days before your wedding. Brides love our spray tanning option to get a lovely, beachy glow for their wedding day without any skin damage!

Eating the wrong foods

3 things you should do the week before your wedding

Salty foods, alcohol, and cruciferous veggies (which can cause gas and bloating) are all good things to stay away from the week before your wedding. It can be stressful enough thinking about last minute details, you don’t need to be worrying about anything extra, like fitting into your dress and shoes. After all, you can avoid this swelling and bloating by avoiding a few things.

3 things you should do the week before your wedding

And now for a few things you should do!

Practice wearing your wedding shoes

3 things you should do the week before your wedding

Since you’ve got a week before your wedding, it’s important to make sure your shoes of choice are broken in for your big day. Practice walking and dancing in them to make sure you’ve got it down. If they are miserably uncomfortable after a couple of hours of wearing them, you still have time to find an alternative shoe, or at least a pair to wear after the pictures are over.

Get a manicure or pedicure

Your fingers will definitely be the star of some great ring pictures on your wedding day, so a manicure is a must. Even if your wedding shoes are closed-toed, you’ll be frolicking on the beach after your wedding and will want those toes to look beautiful. Added bonus, getting a pedicure and manicure is incredibly relaxing and a great way to deal with those pre-wedding jitters. Mention to your manicurist that your wedding is coming up and we’re betting they’ll throw in a little extra massage.

Prepare a special token or letter for your groom

3 things you should do the week before your wedding

There’s nothing sweeter than exchanging notes or small gifts with your groom on your wedding day. During these last few days before your wedding, you should spend some time channeling good thoughts and remember just how much you love the man of your dreams as you head toward tying the knot.

All in all, that last week before your wedding should be an exciting time spent stress free! Any other things you think you should do or not do in that last week? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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