Way before the era of highly edited selfies and clown-like makeup tutorials, contouring and highlighting have been used as far back as the 1500’s when stage actors during Queen Elizabeth’s reign would apply chalk and soot to their faces to help convey to the audience their facial expressions. Stage makeup is designed to create an illusion for viewers who are looking at the actor’s face from a distance. It also works well in photography, which is why you may notice that these techniques are so successful for all kind of diverse social media “selfies.”

Anastasia Glow Kit

These marvelous techniques have been used for decades by makeup artists like myself in order to subtly enhance one’s facial features. Then it all went downhill when a highly publicized, super chiseled cheekbone celebrity tweeted a pre- and post- contour photo of herself.  This was the beginning of a makeup revolution amongst YouTubers, Instagrammers, and other social media users.

I have very mixed feelings about this cultural phenomenon and want to make sure my clients understand these techniques taken to the extreme will make them look grotesque to the naked eye. In other words, they aren’t right for “real life” situations, especially your wedding.  However, one thing is clear: makeup companies have reached new heights in the development on contouring and highlighting palettes and kits. This is where the silver lining comes in and when I get totally giddy with excitement.


Using the Anastasia Glow Kit

Point in case, me practically hitting the floor after seeing this time-lapse of Anastatia Glow Kit. I mean wow, times have changed since the long-gone is the era of chalk and soot!

Anastatia Glow Kit

I received the Anastatia Glow Kit yesterday and put it to the test immediately. The verdict? I positively love it! From the finely-milled pigment to the smoothness with which it all applies, it is D.I.V.I.N.E. The Anastasia Glow Kit comes in 2 colors, light and dark, and are meant to be used interchangeably. I purchased the light and will most likely get the dark as well.

Oh, and this is the brush I used with it.

If you pick up the Anastasia Glow Kit, let me know how you feel about this beautiful set!


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