Beginning in October 2009 the FTC made some changes regarding advertising. It requires a greater degree of truth in advertising, as well as greater transparency when financial gain, sponsorship or samples are accepted by bloggers. All items received from brands and PR representatives must be disclosed as such. To comply with the updated FTC regulations, I will be disclosing fully at the end of each post when the subject of my post was received as a sample.

Review Policy

Although most of the items reviewed on Studio MP are purchased, the site may accepts samples for review from various brands and public relations firms. These samples are for consideration only and their receipt does not constitute a contract for a published review of the product, nor does it guarantee a positive review. Content is not pre approved by PR representatives or brands. Reviews of product and are not influenced by third parties advertisers, public relation representatives, brand representatives… etc.

Not responsible

Reviews are based on the Author’s personal experience and personal opinion with the product. The author makes no warranties as to the effectiveness nor quality of any product. Individual result may vary.

Comments & Opinions

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